OM Editions is your interior destination for iconic contemporary design. Offering a beautifully curated selection of limited-edition decor and furniture, OM Editions is the place to find meaningful and remarkable art objects for the home. Each piece is imbued with a sense of distinct purpose and place. Discover our upcoming exclusive line of contemporary home furniture, in addition to homeware from a rotating selection of top international artists and designers. 

At OM Editions, we also offer interior design consultation services to guide our clients as needed in traversing international markets of contemporary interior design. We provide targeted, personalized advice in all aspects of developing your home’s signature style.

Welcome to the OM Editions home, a celebration of individuality, serenity, and elegance - and the ultimate expression of who we are. 

OM Editions is where the art is. 

Awareness & Sustainability

Sustainable Philosophy

OM Editions is a design studio led by a mother-and-daughter team that produces contemporary limited-edition interior design collections. Integral to our philosophy is an uncompromising focus on sustainability in every aspect of our creative process, including building our work environment, sourcing and purchasing our materials, selecting our partners, and distributing our products. At OM Editions, we place extreme value in ethical business practices that are both socially and environmentally responsible. Promoting the professional empowerment of women, we have established a unique studio where the imagination runs free and dreams can be realised. We strive to create a safe, open working space that encourages creativity and innovation, an environment from which the best designs are born. Thus, we believe in the fair treatment of workers, non-discriminatory business practices, and actively supporting the well-being of each of the artists and partners with whom we collaborate. Always looking towards the future of design and its environmental impact, OM Editions collaborates with highly qualified industry-leaders who are experienced in renewable solutions. Therefore, we have taken our time to curate and build a list of partners who produce top-quality work and also embrace our humanitarian values. OM Editions has developed a merit-based network across borders, and we hold a great respect for our international team and all the places around the world in which we operate.

Sustainable Materials

OM Editions’ core values align with those of Preferred by NatureTM, a non-profit organisation that supports better land management and business practices benefiting people, nature, and the climate. We are proud to share their faith in the collective wisdom of humankind to protect our Earth. By committing to making large-scale, structural changes, we believe it’s possible to achieve a sustainable future. Our designs feature responsibly sourced wood whenever possible. We seek to work with FSC-certified distributors that follow industry regulations in terms of supply areas, chain of custody standards, and using controlled wood from acceptable sources. OM Editions contributes to the circular economy by using high-quality cast acrylic in nearly all our designs that incorporate plexiglass. Made from 100% recycled materials, our cast acrylic is UV resistant, colourfast, and renowned for its crystal clear transparency. With an infinite life cycle, this cast acrylic can be recycled by our distributor and remade into new products. The carefully selected, renewable materials used in our designs combine long-lasting durability with luxury and comfort, while promoting the safety and security of our planet for generations to come.

Sustainable Purchasing

At OM Editions, less really is more. We believe in timeless quality over needless quantity. That’s why we make sure every limited-edition design in our collection is an investment into the collective future of our planet. Each of our hand-crafted, bespoke pieces is built to last from durable materials and constructed by renowned artisans. Our vision for a sustainable future in harmony with the Earth means living and purchasing sustainably – today. We stand against poorly constructed, disposable products designed for short-term use that end up as non-biodegradable waste in landfills. By offering our clients limited-edition objects produced in an environmentally responsible way, we contribute to a global awareness of eco-conscious living. OM Editions’ overall mission is to make long-lasting, quality interior design solutions affordable to all. Achieving this goal in a sustainable way will be an essential part of our design legacy and create a lasting positive social impact.


Patricia Morrison

Patricia Morrison

Co-Founder and Designer, brings her passion for interior design to life, embracing her innate talent and devoting all her energy to the creation of exquisite home furnishings.
For Patricia, designing furniture and interior spaces feels like coming home. She states, “While creating and designing, time does not pass. It just expands.”


Orianna Tufano Morrison

Co-Founder and Creative Director, combines her significant expertise in art curation and art business management. She is responsible for developing OM Editions’ conceptual and business strategies, in addition to collaborating with and selecting top designers and artists from around the world.