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This ceramic vase is a unique piece made and glazed by hand. Perhaps by painting the "flames" in a plain color, it becomes less literal and leaves more to the imagination the nature of the shapes... leaves, possibly? Cobalt, a color associated with traditional ceramics, gives presence to the piece. It was born to please you, to excite you, to brighten your day. To make you dare with something different to remind you that sometimes, objects also have the power to inspire us. It may present slight alterations and singularities, typical of the manual process. So no, it's not perfect... but who is?

Ana Rodriguez has developed her creative career in different fields, such as fashion, graphic and industrial design as well as in art direction. She now uses mainly clay as a vehicle for creative expression giving rise to surprising pieces, objects between the functional and the sculptural. Made of white glazed clay, the flame vases are handmade in her Madrid workshop, in a completely artisanal process. During the process, they acquire particularities and oddities, which give them that distinctive look. She states “The final result depends on me and, under my parameters, in an absolutely hedonistic way, what I expect from my piece is that it produces a sensory pleasure when I perceive it similar to what it gave me to produce it. Pleasure is a constant in the search. And the search is a constant in itself.” Her vases are unconventional pieces, plastically very powerful, that expand in space and capture the attention irremediably.

Clay, enamel and pigment

H 11.02"
H 28 cm

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