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Olive trees (olivum in latin) are one of the most emblematic images of our landscape. This mobile is a tribute to our centenary olive trees. A natural beauty closely related to the culture and tradition of Mallorca.

Solito Mobiles are handmade and carefully balanced one by one in Mallorca, Spain.

Captivated by the harmony and calming movement of mobiles, Solito pieces are handmade in an atelier based in Mallorca surrounded by almond and fig trees and influenced by the light of this beautiful Mediterranean island. Solito creates organic-shaped mobiles inspired by the beauty, nature, and traditions of the island. The mobiles are carefully balanced and add delightful color and a beautiful visual experience to any interior. These apparently delicate components suspended in the air, have the ability of seducing with their silence and are unpredictable in their slow motion spinning. It all started with their passion for suspended mobiles, creating them for fun, first for their home and then for some friends. Step by step, it evolved into Solito Mobiles. They like to contemplate the floating elements moving independently and constantly creating new arrangements. Their aim is to pass on their enthusiasm for mobiles to you. They will definitely provide a bold visual impact to your space !

Hanging Mobile made of aluminium shapes and stainless steel rod. Hand painted in water-based eco-friendly enamel.

W 45.27" x H 25.59"
W 115 cm x H 65 cm

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